Since 2012, BGS Energy has helped companies upgrade their lighting from traditional fixtures to LED technology. LED lighting reduces lighting costs from 45 to 80% while improving light output that benefits employees and customers.


Our WAY in LED Lighting

We help customers transition to LED lighting by working closely with them to meet their specific requirements rather than just selling a lighting fixture.

Lighting solution services we offer include:

  • Conducting a preliminary analysis of existing lighting.
  • Engineering the best options for the customer.
  • Financial analysis of the investment including closed cost, timing, payback period, and savings projection.
  • Identifying and obtaining any available rebates and qualifying the project for the customer.
  • Providing funding if required by the customer.
  • Complete project management throughout the entire process.
  • Additional warranties available for labor and fixtures for up to ten years.
  • Explaining tax benefits from upgrading to LED lighting.

BGS Energy does not charge the customer any upfront fees for the analysis or creating the engineering solution for the project. BGS Energy operates under tighter margins than industry average and only proposes the LED product based on what fits the project best.

Our Technical team has over 70 years experience in the energy sector. We are able to identify all facility requirements prior to starting your project. This process minimizes business interruption, and with certainty, produces the peace of mind that a qualified company is looking at all perspective for your cost savings and product reliability. By managing the implementation, you will have the best, qualified installation.

BGS Energy has helped our Company transform our lighting in multiple facilities to LED, generating savings in the 100s of thousands of dollars, and at the same time giving us the benefit of getting rebates from local programs.
— Michael Block, Block Properties

Our WAY in Cogeneration Boxes

We do not sell Cogeneration equipment to customers. Our model is based on providing users with power on site by having equipment that achieves an efficiency level of over 80% with Cogeneration and Trigeneration Containerized boxes. We use natural gas as the primary source, transforming the heat created in the process into hot water and hot air (thermal energy) that the customer can use. We also, with the Trigeneration model, transform recovered heat into chilled water which can be used to feed the chillers of any facility, substantially reducing the use of electricity .

  • We always qualify the facility through our BEO (Business Energy Optimization) Program.
  • Once we complete a full due diligence analysis, we propose a binding offer to the user.
  • BGS Energy funds the Cogeneration box. The customer does not make any capital expenditure to benefit from lower energy costs and more reliable power on site.
  • Boxes are built and tested in factory, and once on site installed in less than 2 weeks.
  • BGS Energy only uses Equipment from the Top 3 manufactures of Containerized Cogeneration Boxes in the world. Combined, these companies have deployed over 10,000 units of over 200 kw.
  • BGS Energy predicts that in the US alone there are over 50,000 buildings that could qualify for a Mid range Cogeneration Box (200 kw to 2 MW).
  • The life span of a Box is 15 to 20 years, with a proven and structured maintenance program.

Our Engineers are experts in heat recovery models and size the box based on the technical requirements of each building, making sure that the output covers maximun loads that the user generates at any given moment during a year.